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מסעדת הסדנא
מסעדת הסדנא
מסעדת הסדנא



Ceasar Salad, lettuce, croutons, Orty’s Anchovies & soft boield egg 64

Salad from Gaza’s Envelope, vegetables from the soil & feta cheese. 59

Charcuterie Challah, fermented chili, brown butter aioli, barzaola & cilantro 66

Boneless Wing Bucket, pepper cream & addictive sauce 53

Bone marrow, delicious sauce, toasted bread, shifka relish & roasted almonds. 64


First course

Polenta, mushroom ragout, asparagus, truffle oil & parmigian. 64

Eggplant Carpaccio, brown butter, pesto, almonds & labaneh 64

Spicy Tuna On Bruschetta 68

White Fish Sashimi, citrus ponzo & fennel 76

Plate Of Fried, Seafood, thinkerbel, artichoke, coriander aioli & hot sauce. 74

Butcher sausages, pickled beets, musterd aioli & Gargir 76


Main course

Sea Fish Fillet, Leek spaghetti, cream fresh & rosted cabbage 149

Mascarpone Agnolotti, Sage butter, citrus salsa, zaatar & pistachio 96

Smoked Brisket, dutch potatoes, coleslaw salad, Chimichurri & mustard. 148

Carbonara From The Black Sea, squid linguini, bacon, Parmigiano & yolk 136

Workshop Smash Burger, onion jam, cheddar and pickles aioli 92

Redefine Meat Skewer, mashuya , tehini sour & Ash Tanur 98


Our open fridge has a selection of cuts available off menu

64 per 100 gr./

68 per 100 gr.

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