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מסעדת הסדנא

Hasadna - The Culinary Workshop Restaurant, is a part of the Machneyuda Group, the restaurant located in the hangar of the old Jerusalem train station. The materials used for interior design is mainly iron and wood.

This atmosphere and craftsmanship also play an important role in the kitchen, the emphasis is put on raw materials, similar to a real workshop, it is the right and smart combination that makes the difference.

As for his many years of experience working in kitchens and with a genuine love for eating, the chef, Shachar Shmuel  diffuses Oriental home cooking with Israeli Mediterranean cuisine. The desserts, pasta and meats are prepared on the spot by the supervision of the chef.

The Workshop is largely spaced, which allows you to experience the restaurant in a variety of ways.  When Sitting at the bar you can have a perfect point of view to observe the chef and his team, and shares its functional nature between the kitchen and the guests. The terrace outdoors is for those who prefer a quieter ambiance of the crisp, chilled Jerusalem air. There are spacious knights' tables for family dinners and friends meetings and small tables for intimate meals.

The Workshop Restaurant also offers fine culinary entertainment during weekends, and private events can be scheduled.

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